We Adopted the CardanoNuts NFT Project!

The FIRE pool has officially adopted the CardanoNuts NFT project.

We were involved in the development of the Nuts NFT project. From our hand stood the CardanoJClient, which served as a backend for the NFT minting and is still developed by the FIRE pool.

CardanoNuts were unfortunately not a success, but since the CardanoJClient is still active and running on our servers, we took over the project.

The FIRE pool will not continue Nuts as originally planned by the team. It is simply not the focus of our pool. However, we don’t want to let the project die either.

Soon we will create a way to mine Nut NFTs on the FIRE pool website for a very low price.
Very low means minting price + a small allowance.

The Nuts are very cute and should find their home 🙂

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