Why pool hopping leads to no goal

I have seen many jump between pools frequently in hopes of maximizing their own rewards!

This is not productive and is bad for both the delegators, their rewards and the pool owner.

Cardano’s algorithm balances the rewards on average.
If a small pool makes a block, then the Rewards % for the last epochs jump to 10+%.

After that, a small pool will statistically hardly make a block for a long time.
The pool owner has no influence on the number of blocks he mints or on the rewards. Only the Cardano algorhithm decides that.

If you jump from pool to pool, hoping to optimize the rewards. You will be disappointed not to get any rewards and when you leave. The pool owner of the small pool will be disappointed because he can’t change the situation.

The best thing is to find a pool that suits you and be loyal to it and promote it. This is reliable and comes closest to the idea of community hubs.

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