Who we are

Welcome to the FIRE Project! First of all, we are a Cardano Stake Pool. What that is, what you get out of staking your ADAs with us, and how you do it, you can find out here.

We are dedicated to the blockchain and its possibilities. In particular, Cardano, a 3rd generation blockchain and cryptocurrency.

For most people, cryptocurrencies are simply a strange occurrence from the crossroads of the financial world and the Internet. A curiosity that we occasionally hear about from the news when prices go crazy once again. From this strange world, most people are at best familiar with Bitcoin, and probably not with the other more recent developments.

This is a mistake!

This does an injustice to Bitcoin as well as to the many innovative projects, above all Cardano.

What it is about

First of all, this is about Cardano and the projects we are developing on this blockchain. But we also want to explain why Cardano and cryptocurrencies in general are more than just a simple improvement of the current financial system.

Even if this has nothing to do with the technology, the two are inextricably linked. That’s why we also want to educate people about what’s going wrong in the financial world. Why our money is becoming less and less valuable over time, and above all, how we can change this and how we can all help. As is so often the case, the biggest scandals are the ones we don’t hear about in the media. It’s the same with the old financial system and our money. The old financial system is broken at its core. To mention just one of the many examples of why this system is broken:

87% of humanity has no access to a bank account, these people have no chance to participate in economic life. It doesn’t matter how talented they are, it doesn’t matter what they want or can do, those who have the misfortune to be born in the “wrong” part of this world are eternally condemned to a life of poverty. Banks are the ones that decide whether we get an account or not. If you were born in the wrong part of the world, that’s it. By birth, you have a credit rating below that of any European or or US American.

It is also wrong to assume that a “lucky” birth in the rich part of this planet will save you from this fate forever. Historically, it is not uncommon to be born in the rich part of the world and then die in the poor part of the world. The problem is not that people are born in poor countries. The problem is that a corrupt financial system makes it impossible for people in poor countries to lead their country out of poverty.

Cardano has embarked on a mission to bring the benefits of blockchain to Africa in particular. Banking the unbanked!

The FIRE Pool

FIRE stands for Financial Revolution. What this admittedly unusual name is all about, everyone might already have guessed after reading the above lines. It is not the refuge of the creators of this pool. We see cryptocurrencies, which are not subject to censorship, which are not controlled by anyone except the users, as a way out, a refuge from the problems that have been brought upon us by the conventional financial system.

On the Pool page we explain what Staking is and how you can support us.

Pool Details

Pool ID
Pool Name
Relay Nodes 2 Relay Nodes | HW configuration CPU:4core|RAM:12GB|SSD:128GB
Producer Node 1 Block Producer | HW configuration CPU:4core|RAM:12GB|SSD:128GB
Pool ROA Lifetime