About Us

We are Olivia and Sebastian, 2 Cardano and crypto enthusiasts from the far north of Germany. We are active in the crypto world since 2019. Why we came so late to this wonderful space, we can not explain ourselves, but we do not regret a second and are happy when we can introduce newcomers to the peculiarities of this very special new world.


My name is Olivia, I studied economics, so the interest in finance and business has been with me since the days of my studies and of course before. I have been working in online marketing and e-commerce for years now, new technologies inspire me.

Digital transformation and the possibilities of technology for all our lives have always fascinated me.


My name is Sebastian, I studied information and communication technology, but from the beginning I have been dedicated to computer science. The enthusiasm for technology of all kinds has been in my blood since I was a small child and has never left me.

I was not interested in financial markets and monetary policy for a long time. At some point I came across the background of Bitcoin, since then I have fallen deeper and deeper into this rabbit hole.

What else is important?

We both believe in the future of cryptocurrencies and we are convinced that what we are witnessing is the beginning of something big.

Even if we are late to this space in 2019, we believe that anyone who joins now or in the next few years is still very early.

One more thing is important. We believe in Cardano, but we do not give financial advice. This page is to show the background of what cryptocurrencies change, why we opened our pool and why we believe in Cardano.

At the end of the day, however, investing in the crypto market is, of course, a serious business of investing your hard-earned money. That is to say:

Everyone needs to research carefully from various sources where to invest their money. We do not advise anyone to buy! Our goal is achieved when you better understand the technology and background of cryptocurrencies. The fun and exciting things like NFTs, but also the dry but even more important things, such as: How do I create a wallet, how do I stake my ADAs, and of course, what would go differently with an intrinsically deflationary currency in this world.

Murphy and Kiara

We love cats, our two terrible annoying cats can not go unmentioned here. No matter what terrible fur balls they are, they give us new motivation every day, so curtain up for the motivators and cheerleaders of the FIRE pool 🙂

Murphy and Kiara, pain in the ass, destroyers and beloved indispensable most loyal friends in our household. 🙂

Murphy the excited
Murphy the interested


Kiara the curios