The Murph Token

The Murph Token – A Brief Description

Murphy is a cat, a real cat, he is the mascot of the pools team.

The Murph Token icon.

Who stakes with us, gets Murph Token, the Murph Token is a sign that the own stake served a good purpose. The more Stake we accumulate, the more regularly this pool generates income. The more blocks we get, the more we can donate.

The Murph Token will go to our delegators in addition to the rewards, showing that the delegation served a good purpose.

We donate 10% of our income to charity.

Here is another picture of Murphy. A NFT in comic style.

The Murph Token NFT.


The values below are approximate.

Stake Unit Period Paid Murph Token
100 ADA 1 Epoch (5 days) 0,5
200 ADA 1 Epoch (5 days) 1
1000 ADA 1 Epoch (5 days) 5
5000 ADA 1 Epoch (5 days) 25
50000 ADA 1 Epoch (5 days) 250
5000000 ADA 1 Epoch (5 days) 25000

That’s it. We hope you will enjoy a small token for the donations made. 🙂